About Us

Our Ethos

Clydesider community magazine promotes the positive that Dumbarton, the Vale and Clydebank have to offer in terms of people, place and history and showcases the creative skills, ideas and experiences of local people.

Our Content

All content is produced by our fantastic team of creative contributors, these include published and novice poets, authors, journalists, photographers plus local artists, cartoonists and designers. We also feature positive news about community groups and promote the hidden gems of West Dunbartonshire.

There are some very talented people in our communities who have not all had the opportunity to make a living from their creativity so Clydesider aims to provide a home for professional and amateur alike – we are a community magazine that truly is for our community and by our community.

Our Publication

Each issue is a free 48 page publication 18cm x 26cm – that’s slightly smaller than A4 – with a 10,000 print run which our team proactively distributes directly in our communities at street stalls, local events and in community centres, groups, libraries, schools, cafes, restaurants and shops – really anywhere local people spend their time. We reach an estimated 25,000 readers per issue and are the only publication which covers the whole of West Dunbartonshire.

Our Rates

We are a social enterprise – not a charity – therefore we need to make the publication sustainable. Our advertising rates are competitively priced and since we are a quarterly publication our advertisers benefit from promotion in the local community for three months per issue. We also offer special deals for social enterprises, charities and start-up businesses because we know it can be tough when you are trying to get started.

Contact Us

Interested in advertising with us then give Lilly a call on 07948829983 or email clydesideradvertising@gmail.com