Friday, 20th September 2019

Garden Friends

Words & Photos by Linda Morrison

We can never have too many friends. We have best friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, young friends, old friends and pet friends, to name but a few. But how many of you have garden friends?

Garden friends are always there for you and they are really the best kind of friends. They won’t keep you off your work and they are brilliant listeners. Tell them a secret and it will go no further.

Garden friends will also add a splash of colour and a bit of character to your garden.

I once heard it said that garden friends or Scarecrows as they were commonly called, scared birds from your garden. I have discovered this is not the case when I saw two crows tear the face from one of my garden friends. It was nest building time. I was ok with this.

So, how do you get garden friends?

Anything Goes

You make them of course. Anything goes. You could even fashion one on a family member or a friend, but do remember to keep this to yourself.

Garden friends are out in all weathers. I don’t think Aunty Margaret would be too delighted to know that the weathered garden friend with one eye and no hair was made with her in mind!

When you make a garden friend you can be as adventurous as you like.

Buy some old clothing and material from the charity shop, some polyester filling and some twine and you are on your way to creating one of the bestest friends you will ever have.

If you want to have them free standing then pay a visit to the garden centre and buy some bamboo plant supports. These come in different sizes and are great to support your new friend.

Garden friends deserve to have names just like our regular friends and again the names will add to their character and charm, so be creative here too.

Spring has arrived and the growing season is upon us. This is the perfect opportunity to create something different for your garden. Wishing you all happy memories with your new friends.


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