Friday, 20th September 2019


To mark National Poetry Day we thought we would share this beautiful poem submitted to Clydesider’s Issue 7 poetry competition by local poet, writer, historian and actor Bruce Biddulph. Enjoy!

It’s there in smiles and welling tears we not long left behind
It’s there still from the recent touch of intent simply kind.
It’s there too in the thudding heart that aches for simple joys
It’s in the breaking moment when a man becomes a boy.

It’s in the evolution of the birds that never change
It’s in the wonder of the stars that will never re-arrange
It’s in each silent passing of a night in velvet cloak
Its in the dewdrop forming. In each crow’s morning croak.

It’s in the crying of a child and in its mothers gaze
It’s in the fields of cornflowers where burns the sun’s hot blaze
It’s in the heather hillsides and the curlews mourning call
It’s in the leaves of autumn as silently they fall.

It’s in the grief of strangers as you tend a hurting smile
It’s in the wealth of poverty that humbles you a while
It’s in the times of torment when that memory returns
And bitter-sweet it guides you though the love no longer burns

It’s in our vast humanity, our endless need to love
It’s in the void of emptiness that stretches far above
It’s in that blue of in-between, the wonder that is evergreen
It’s there in you, it’s there in me
The happiness we must always see.

By Bruce Biddulph

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