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The Vegas Project (Part 1)


By Jenny Watson

What happens when 16 young dancers are invited to perform in Las Vegas – the world’s biggest stage?

A unique international advertising opportunity arises for a local business – oh, and there was also lot of screaming, shouting, high fives and jumping around, and that was just the parents!

Well that’s how it went down when Lindsey Donald, Principal Teacher at Dancebase Academy and Performing Arts in West Dunbartonshire sent in footage of her troupe as an audition piece for Smile Las Vegas 2017.

Just a few hours later the magic offer email landed in her inbox much to her surprise. Lindsey said: “I know my dancers are skilled and move wonderfully but as always I respect the strong competition of other dance schools and I never expect things to just happen without hard work and determination.

“I was a little shocked when I received the reply so quickly, it just goes to show the hours and practice are paying off for my kids. I couldn’t be more proud.”

Sharon Colllins, director of Liverpool-based Smiles Productions, praised the young dancers “strong pattern and direction, well-rehearsed, great presentation and good spacing.”

She added: “The dancers at your school are obviously well trained and I am happy to say we welcome you on-board for our “Smile Las Vegas” 2017.”

So now the hard work really begins as a lot of fundraising is required to fly 16 children and one parent or guardian per child to the bright lights of Vegas – and this is where that unique advertising opportunity comes in.

To help the young dancers perform in the “Smile Las Vegas” show at the Tommy Wind Theatre on the same intimate stage that Prince, Stevie Wonder, Little Wayne, P Diddy, and many more have performed – the dance school is offering local businesses the chance to sponsor their adventure.

Zandra Baird, from the group’s fundraising team, said: “Obviously sponsorship from a local business would help us financially but it would be a great asset to the business itself. Their company logo would be displayed on our marketing materials and tracksuits/ t-shirts that we’ll be wearing during our fundraising, they will get a mention in all of our press releases and the business name will travel the miles with us to Las Vegas. How cool to have your business advertised on Las Vegas Boulevard.

The fundraising has already begun in earnest with a race night, car wash and bag packing completed by the team and there are many more events lined up, including a Bingo Night on 26th May at the Brock Bowling Club, Dumbarton.

For more information on the fundraising events or if you would like to help please contact Dancebase via their Facebook page: or keep an eye out for updates on


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